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May 23rd, 2021    

Movies with Terrible Special Effects and Why We Love Them - DIM 147

We all have that one movie that we love that happens to have cheesy special effects. Whether it's a dude in a rubber gorilla suit or a spaceship on black wires, the low-budget movie holds a special place in our hearts.

Listen and enjoy as we share our favorite cheesy films, and share your favorite ones with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!!

February 19th, 2021    

The Spirit Walk 2020 - DIM 146

Join "Daydream Instruction Manual's" very own, Eddie Fossler, as he and his buddy Ben Craine from "OMUG Comics" embark on a spiritual journey to find themselves on a special little adventure we like to call... SPIRIT QUEST 2020!!!

November 15th, 2020    

Bill and Ed’s Saturday Morning Adventure!!!

WOooaaahHHH!!!!!!! That's right, Billy and Eddie talk Bill and Ted and the new movie, Face the Music!

October 31st, 2020    

Daydream…AFTER DARK (Isolation 3) - DIM 144

On THIS Daydream...After Dark, Eddie and Billy catch you up on what they've got coming up, discuss the culinary delights of quarantine cooking, nerd musings, and MORE!! Put on your jammies and Daydream with us!! After Dark...

October 21st, 2020    

SURPRISE!!!! We’re Back!

So we've had episodes still coming out but they were all old and backlogged. This is a fresh new recording and we didn't even plan it! So much so that our microphones aren't great and there's no real subject. We had an online meeting and then decided "what the heck?" So what the heck in deed, we're back!

September 17th, 2020    

Daydream Talks Obscure Cartoons!

Our Daydreamers are on their way to the 3rd portal on the left when... Wait a minute! They're taking a u-turn and going to the 2nd portal on the right?!?! That's right, Eddie, Mike, and Billy are jumping into obscurity and talking little known cartoons!


This episode was recorded quite some time ago and can also be seen in video form on the facebook page.


August 9th, 2020    

Daydream gets a Reboot?!

Heck no we're not getting rebooted, we're just talking about reboots in film. What actually is a reboot? It seems the definition of it sends people in many directions. Well jump aboard and checkout what your favorite Daydreamers have to say about it and what some of their favorites are.

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August 5th, 2020    

DaySCREAM Instruction Manual: Mini-Sode Review for LDD’s Ghost Face

Billy delivers a review on Mezco Toyz/Living Dead Dolls' Ghost Face from Scream. Enjoy the episode!


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July 23rd, 2020    

Lenny Vernon: Badass Kickstarter!

Our very good friends and frequent guests, OMUG Comics, have a Kickstarter going on until August 13th and they are over half way there!!! We recorded this on Facebook LIVE a few days ago and that is when they crossed the half-way point. So now, by listening to this, you can help them finish the goal.


Look, by this point, you know we love these guys and their comic book characters. Within this episode (or at the Kickstarter link) you can findout about their amazing perks and become part of history.

July 5th, 2020    

Daydreamers Discuss Disney Characters & Their Looney Toon Counterparts

Remember to keep in mind that these episodes are recorded over Facebook LIVE and are at times a number of weeks old. This episode also consists of Disney and the Facebook algorithms shutting down our stream!

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